The story
To make soap we start with an oil

we then use a chemical reaction to turn the oil into soap

Different oils make different soaps ...... For example, Olive oil soap is moisturising with a light lather, Coconut oil soap has a rich lather but is drying.

Cost usually determines the oils used in soap

When whale oil was cheap we used it to make soap

These days Palm oil is cheap and we use it to make soap

But cheap oils can have hidden costs

It was never sustainable to use Whale oil for soap
It is also not sustainable to use Palm oil for soap

There is now a sustainable way to make soap.

Australia discards millions of tons of organic waste every year

Wasting resources and generating methane from landfill - a potent greenhouse gas

Insects eat organic matter

and new technology farming the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) is now able to convert organic waste into protein and oil at an industrial scale.

Future Green Solutions

An innovative new company in Perth Is farming the Black Soldier Fly and converting organic waste into protein and oil.

fifoam liquid soap

An established soap manufacturer in Albany is using the oil to make bar and liquid soaps. For practical purposes they are soaps made from landfill.