Super Sustainable Soap !

Most of the soap we use today is not sustainable
We take natural resources - like Palm oil ...

Most soap sold today is made from Palm oil and we get Palm oil by clearing tropical forest.

and wash them down the drain

Soap binds to water and allows us to wash dirt away. It also means that, in the act of using soap, we waste it. We wash it down the drain.

It is completely unsustainable.

What we are actually wasting are the resources that were used to make the soap in the first place. If it is Palm oil soap we are washing tropical forests down the drain.

There is now a sustainable way to replace Palm oil in soap.

A new industry, using farmed insects to convert organic waste into protein, oil and fertiliser is growing rapidly across the globe. It is super sustainable because it means less organic waste in landfill.

The oil makes a beautiful, moisturising soap

The oil is Local

100% Australian oil. No imported Palm or Coconut oils.

It is also Circular

The soap is converting resources that would be wasted into a useful product. Building a circular economy.

Liquid Soap - Concentrate

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Concentrated liquid soap ready for dilution using distilled water.   500mL

In a Foaming Pump dispenser a dilution of 1 Part soap + 3 parts water is a good all-purpose mix for hand-washing and general use. 

The rate of dilution and the precision of the foaming pump offers very efficient management of the amount of soap that is dispensed and used.  The dilution can be changed in response to the need.

There is a very small amount of Lavender essential oil that provides a light Lavender aroma.

Aqua, saponified Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) oil, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium lactate, Lavender essential oil

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Fiona Negus
Pure Luxury

I adore FiFoam soap. It lathers up beautifully and leaves your hands feeling clean, fresh and soft. It also feels amazing that's its 100% natural and is actually helping the environment. Thank you Jasper for being awesomely clever!!! Highly recommended.