Concentrated Liquid Soap

This is the champion product in our liquid soap range. Dilute it or use it directly. It lasts for ages and has lots of applications.

Concentrate - 300mL
Concentrate - 300mL

Concentrate - 300mL

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Essential Oils

This is a 100% natural liquid soap.  The Unscented variety is pure soap and any added aroma is from pure essential oils.  The beautiful golden amber colour is natural with no added colour.

Natural liquid soaps are the gentle super-heroes of cleaning.  Generic "washes" - like Body wash, Hand wash and Face wash - use synthetic foaming agents which create a rich lather but are all "froth and bubble" when it comes to actually cleaning.  Natural soaps are true cleaners - they lock on to dirt and water at the same time and deliver a real clean.  On anything - skin, surfaces, dishes, cars, hair, pets, etc.

However, natural soaps are also gentle and fifoam soap is particularly gentle and moisturising for sensitive and delicate skin.  Within minutes your skin will go from squeaky clean to soft.

If you are not sure where to start we recommend a Foaming Pump dispenser filled with a dilution of 1 part concentrate + 3 parts distilled water.  This is a good all-purpose mix for hand-washing and general personal and household use. 

The rate of dilution and the precision of the foaming pump offers very efficient management of the amount of soap that is dispensed and used.  

Distilled water helps maintain the clarity of the soap. Diluting with tap water may make the liquid appear a little cloudy but will not affect its function.

For some applications e.g. as a shampoo or a dog wash it is perfectly OK to use the Concentrate directly from the flip-top.

Aqua, Potassium and sodium salts of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) fatty acids, Glycerin, Sodium lactate, Sorbitol, Pure essential oil if present