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cedarwood and cinnamon black soldier fly soap is great :- )

hi jasper just wanted to say that the cedarwood and cinnamon black soldier fly soap i bought from you is lovely! (bought in june this year at denmark markets). it smells amazing even down to the end of using it, lathers really well and cleans hands properly without residue and without drying out my hands. it is a pleasure to use each time! especially love the smell, thanks ellie.

fifoam - sustainable soap
Virginia Sergas
Amazing soap

I bought 2 soaps while on holiday in Denmark and they are just amazing. They are not only eco friendly but they also nourish your skin. My hands feel nice and soft after washing. Love the smell of essential oils too! Very happy with the product, I will definitely keep supporting this business

A wonderful product this soap leaves my face feeling fresh and moisturised. After one week of using the soap, I am having less breakouts of pimples. This should be the go to eco friendly alternative soap brand.

Leaves your skin and hair feeling beautiful and scented like Springtime in the Australian bush!

I just love this soap! I was given a gift for my birthday and found it soft and nourishing to my skin and hair. Leaves me smelling great and natural like the Australian bush, not like artificial chemically enhanced smells. I am definitely buying more, for unique, eco-friendly, locally crafted Christmas presents for Aussies and my friends and family overseas too!

Birthday present

Received this soap as a birthday present and love it. Smells amazing and lathers extremely well.

Will definitely continue to use and recommend this soap to others, especially as it's also sustainable and crafted locally!

Very moisturizing

Loved this soap, I found it very moisturizing! Great that it is eco-friendly too. Would definitely buy again.

Fantastic FIFO Soap

I love the soap for its moisturising qualities. I've even used it on my face and hair, through which it has cured my dandruff. Post wash, the soap leaves my skin feeling supple. FIFO soap also has a nice, calming herbal scent. Washing with eco friendly soap also gives me peace of mind. I've given some bars to my friends and family members who all love it. I'd definitely recommend using FIFO soap.