Foaming Pump for efficient dispensing

This makes it so easy to manage the amount of soap you use. Very helpful for minimising waste and maximising value.

Foaming Pump Dispenser
Foaming Pump Dispenser
Foaming Pump Dispenser

Foaming Pump Dispenser

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Essential Oil

Perfect to use by the sink or in the shower.  This clear, square bottle is a stable, elegant dispenser that is efficient and easy to use.  It has a 500 ml capacity and has been pre-filled with a 25% dilution of Concentrate. One bottle of Concentrate will be able to refill this foaming pump about three times. 


The mechanism in the foaming pump mixes liquid soap and air with each pump and delivers a "ready-to-use" foam.

This enables very precise control of the amount of soap that you dispense each time you use it.

The pump is sold pre-filled with Concentrate that has been diluted by 25%. One part concentrate and three parts distilled water. Each pump then delivers a "pre-foamed" amount of soap. Adjusting the dilution on Concentrate in the bottle and the number of pumps allows very precise control over the amount of soap that is dispensed. Minimising wastage at the point-of-use and getting the best value and longest life from the liquid soap.

Aqua, Potassium and sodium salts of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) fatty acids, Glycerin, Sodium lactate, Sorbitol, Pure essential oils if present.